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The main structure of the precision pushing table saw consists of a skate platform, workbench, horizontal ruler, slide, main saw, groove saw and other structures.

With the large -scale application of artificial board in the plate furniture manufacturing industry, building decoration industry and other industries, if some traditional general -purpose round sawers can no longer meet the needs of its processing technology. Therefore, a variety of round saws specially used for plate cutting, such as woodworking plate saws, developed rapidly. Therefore, the emergence of precision pushing platforms is mainly from small and medium -sized cutting saws from manual input or mechanical input from low productivity to high productivity and automation with digital program controller or microcomputer optimization and automatic feeding. The equipment has also been widely used. In the furniture manufacturing, building decoration, vehicle and boat manufacturing and other industries. The precision pushing platforms are also used for plywood, particleboard, fiber board, single board, layer pressure plate, fine woodwork, stitching solid wood and plastic plates. Can obtain plates that meet the specifications, and can also be used for sawing cutting.


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