HJL1325 linear ATC CNC router is mainly used for panel furniture doors and cabinet production. It can quickly drill, groove, and cut to solve common furniture connectors like two in one connector, three in one connector. It also can process kinds of invisible furniture connectors, like Lamello, Lockdowel. The machine equips high power ATC(automatic tool change) spindle and linear type ATC tool stock, suitable for complex processing and diversification processing, multiple usages. It can do the cutting, drilling, grooving, shaped cutting, carving at one time. Easy operation, very suitable for customized cabinet and cabinet door order production.


1 High-performance all-round machinery with extraordinary value, but at a very economical price. With linear tool changer, constructed with world-class components, consistent high performance.
2 Featuring Italian high frequency air-cooling electronic spindle and world-class servo motor and driving system.
3 Vacuum table using high-density (1.3-1.45g/cm) material with great suction strength, comfortably accommodating all sizes of work piece.


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